Schutzmaßnahmen am Tauernhof!


1. Kein Händeschütteln, keine Umarmungen

2. Hände möglichst oft desinfizieren

3. Desinfektionsmittel stehen in allen Zimmern & öffentlichen Räumen bereit

4. WC‘s und Waschbecken nach Benutzung desinfizieren

5. Schutzmasken bitte mitbringen

6. Schutzmasken sind immer mitzuführen und bei Bedarf zu verwenden

7. In geschlossenen Räumen sind stets Schutzmasken zu tragen

8. Die Schutzmasken werden erst am Tisch im Speisesaal abgenommen

9. Immer nur 4 Personen pro Tisch in den Speisesälen

10. In den Zimmern einen mind. Abstand von 1 Meter einhalten, wenn möglich Schutzmasken tragen

11. Sauna ist außer Betrieb

12. Wer Anzeichen von Erkältung oder Krankheit hat, bitte NICHT anreisen


1. No shaking hands, no hugs

2. Disinfect hands as often as possible

3. Disinfectants are available in all rooms & public spaces

4. Disinfect toilets and wash basins after use

5. Please bring protective masks

6. Protective masks must always be carried and used if necessary

7. Protective masks must always be worn in closed rooms

8. The protective masks are only removed at the table in the dining room

9. Only 4 people per table in the dining rooms

10. Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter in the rooms, wear protective masks if possible

11. Sauna is out of order

12. If you have signs of a cold or illness, please do NOT travel

Spring Bible School

Dear Spring School Students…

Dear Spring School Students,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the cancellation of this year’s Spring Bible School at Tauernhof, Austria.

The Corona Virus continues to hold Europe, and the rest of the world, in its tight grip. As you are surely aware, governments have taken extreme measures to prevent the spread of the disease. As of today, borders to Austria have been closed until April 13th, with a high possibility that restrictions will continue to be extended. This will further impact all tourism and international travel into the country, and we cannot with good conscience move forward into our Bible School season. Please be assured that this decision was not an easy one for us, but we trust with you that the Lord is sovereign even, and especially, in these times.

We understand that many of you have made transportation and travel arrangements that now need to be cancelled. We are truly sorry for the financial implications it has for some of you.

All payments made towards school will be fully refunded. This includes both registration fees and tuition. Please note that this process might take us a while as we are also, at the same time, processing the cancellation of this year’s winter programs.

The Bible School Team at Tauernhof would love to offer you this challenge. You have committed eight weeks of your lives to deepen your knowledge and understanding of God, and of His Word. Our motto at Tauernhof is “BODY SOUL SPIRIT” (cf. 1 Thess. 5:23). We want to encourage you to invest into all three areas in these upcoming weeks in order to glorify God. Set yourselves goals, such as studying a specific book of the bible, exercising regularly, memorizing a Psalm, engaging in Christian fellowship, starting a prayer journal, investing in other people etc. Make this time count.

In cooperation with Torchbearer’s International, we are currently discussing ideas of providing electronic content for you. Please follow our Homepage, Facebook and/or Instagram for further details on this issue.

We would love to see you at Tauernhof some time. If not in Spring, then perhaps for our twelve-week long Fall Semester, or even in Spring 2021.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have further questions. Our office is currently closed but we remain available via Email.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Martin Buchsteiner, Tauernhof Director

David Hines, Bible School Principal