Schutzmaßnahmen am Tauernhof!

Protective measures at Tauernhof!


21. Juni 2020

Da wir als eine Besuchergruppe bzw. Mitreisende einer gemeinsamen Wohneinheit und damit gleichgestellt mit Menschen aus einem gemeinsamen Haushalt gelten, sind wir von den meisten gesetzlichen Bestimmungen ausgenommen.

Dennoch bitten wir euch um eine hohe Eigenverantwortung aus Liebe zu unserem Nächsten.

Um die Sicherheit aller Gäste und Mitarbeiter zu gewähren, bitten wir euch folgende Regeln zu beachten:

• Kein Händeschütteln, keine Umarmungen

• Hände möglichst oft desinfizieren

• Desinfektionsmittel stehen in allen Zimmern & öffentlichen Räumen bereit

• WC‘s und Waschbecken nach Benutzung desinfizieren

• Mund & Nasenschutz (Schutzmasken) bitte mitbringen

• Mund & Nasenschutz sind immer mitzuführen und bei Bedarf zu verwenden (z.B. in öffentlichen Bussen und Gondeln)

• Wir verzichten auf das Singen in geschlossenen Räumen

• Beim betreten und verlassen vom Speisesaal & Gartenhaus bitte immer Schutzmaske tragen und erst am Sitzplatz abnehmen

• Beim Gang zum Buffet Hände unmittelbar vor dem Buffetbereich desinfizieren

• Zimmer regelmäßig lüften

• Sauna & Fitnessraum sind außer Betrieb

• Wer Anzeichen von Erkältung oder Krankheit hat, bitte NICHT anreisen

Die MNS-Masken-Pflicht für Gäste im Bereich des Eingangs und der Rezeption entfällt.

Die MNS-Masken-Pflicht für den Betreiber und seine Mitarbeiter im Kundenkontakt entfällt.

Alle aktuellen Infos unter:

Herzlichen Dank und bis bald,euer Tauernhof-Team

„Du sollst deinen Nächsten lieben wie dich selbst“ (Matthäus 22,39)


June 21, 2020

Since we are considered a group of visitors or fellow travelers in a common living unit and thus on an equal footing with people from a common household, we are exempt from most statutory provisions.

Nevertheless, we ask you for a high degree of personal responsibility out of love for our neighbor.

In order to ensure the safety of all guests and employees, we ask you to observe the following rules:

• No shaking hands, no hugs

• Disinfect hands as often as possible

• Disinfectants are available in all rooms & public spaces

• Disinfect toilets and wash basins after use

• Please bring mouth & nose protection (protective masks)

• Mouth & nose protection must always be carried and used if necessary (e.g. in public buses and gondolas)

• We do not sing in closed rooms

• When entering and leaving the Dining Room & Garden House, please always wear a protective mask and only remove it at the seat

• Disinfect hands immediately in front of the buffet area when going to the buffet

• Ventilate the room regularly

• Sauna & fitness room are out of order

• If you have signs of a cold or illness, please do NOT travel

The MNS mask requirement for guests in the area of ​​the entrance and the reception does not apply.The MNS mask obligation for the operator and his employees in customer contact is no longer applicable.

All current information at:

Thank you and see you soon, your Tauernhof team

„You shall love your neighbor as yourself“ (Matthew 22:39)

Bible School UPDATE

From David Hines – Bible School Principal

July 2020

Dear friends of Tauernhof,

We would like to give you a brief update regarding the status of this upcoming Fall Bible School 2020.

First things first: Our hope and plan is that Tauernhof Bible School will run as intended, from Sunday, September 20th, to Saturday, December 12th. The Bible School team is excited to welcome you and we are anticipating an extraordinary and hopefully life-changing time together! We have received a good number of applications and even have space for a few more.

Austria has made significant progress in fighting Covid-19, the numbers are at a low level. The country is currently in a phase of gradual, secure, and monitored re-opening. This process is being closely monitored and containment measures are being (re-)introduced as needed.

Depending from which country you are coming, travel restrictions must be closely monitored and followed. Each student and applicant must gather information pertaining to travel restriction by him/herself. In order to do so, check your national guidelines as well as the Austrian ones. It has been helpful for some of you to contact the Austrian embassy/consulate in your own respective country and ask them for detailed information. For instance, the guidelines for Canadian students differ from the guidelines for US-American or German students.

Citizens of some countries cannot travel to Austria via air, but only by land. This means that your flights would have to land, for example, in Germany and then enter Austria via car/train/bus, possibly carrying a negative Covid-19 test result with you.

While we want to be helpful with passing on information to you pertaining to travel, please understand that whatever specific information we pass on to specific students is tentative and essentially non-binding.

Please be reminded as well that all non-European residents must show proof of travel insurance.

During the first weeks of Bible School, extra caution and care will be mandatory. For the sake of the rest of the course, we need to make sure that we strictly limit interaction with outsiders. We are not planning on offering courses online, but live-lectures will most likely be made available to students on campus.

To facilitate the flow of information, we have created a group page for all Facebook Users. It might be helpful for you to pass on information you have received from official sites to fellow students.

Please do note, however, that if travel restrictions and guidelines for centers like ours force us to close for the Fall, we will let you know by the beginning of August at the latest.

This will also be the time then for registered students to pay their deposit in order to secure their spot.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! AMEN.” (Eph.3.20-21)

In Christ,

David Hines

-Bible School Principal-