Bible School Registrar

Growing up in the beautiful North Hessian Ederbergland, I have lived in Frankfurt for the last few years. I worked there as a flight attendant for the “crane airline” for 20 years. The varied work, traveling to different nations and the frequent meeting at work with people from different cultures inspire me. I came to the Tauernhof for the first time in 2003 during a ski holiday with Christian airliners from all over the world and have been in Schladming regularly since then. Sometimes as a participant and often as a ski instructor in the winter season. It gave me a lot of pleasure every time. Due to the corona situation, a lot has changed suddenly and once again the desire for change has grown in me. With the idea of ​​going to the TH as a permanent employee, I have played over and over again in recent years and given it to God in trust. When it comes time, he will prepare a right time and open doors. Due to Corona, I was partly completely ‘grounded’ since March 2020. During this time, the head of Tauernhof asked for a permanent position in the office. If not now then when?! There was no longer any hesitation. Now I enjoy the direct contact with the guests and Bible students. I am allowed to be part of a great team here and allow God to use my gifts. It is also awesome to be out and about in God’s beautiful, designed nature. It is right in front of my nose now!