August 2021
Simony Chapel, Picture: Markus Zorn

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil.4.19)

During his missionary journeys and throughout the numerous challenging situations he faced, the apostle Paul had learned one thing: The secret of contentment (Phil. 4,12) does not lie in his current and personal circumstances, but rather solely in the person of Jesus Christ and His loving care. Circumstances - the good ones and the difficult ones - should not be responsible for whether one is content in life or not.

Quite often I meet people that give me the impression of standing with one foot in the tomorrow but rarely with both feet in the today. I would like to give an example: Some people come to Tauernhof in order to actively support the work here. As they are doing it, they already have one foot out of the door. They ponder what is coming next and think about what they want to do after Tauernhof. Before they have even started their first day of work, they are already thinking about the future. As a result, not few of them wonder why they never really "arrive" or why they don’t seem to be satisfied in what they are currently doing.

It is my impression that there are fewer and fewer people who really stand firmly with both feet in the present. People are constantly driven and their thoughts are wrapped up in a future that does not exist yet.

We all have certain driving forces in our own lives: Expectations at work, fear of failure, wanting to experience something extraordinary, jealousy, dissatisfaction in our private life and with our bodies, etc. All these can be things that push us into a constant restlessness and prevent us from living today and saying "YES" to the life God is giving us now. Instead of being content, we almost rebel against the today and ask God to improve our circumstances- hoping this would make us a little more content.

When I reflect on my prayer life, I do well to ask myself: Do my prayers reflect a desire of wanting God to change and improve my circumstances or do they reflect a desire of wanting God to change my heart? 

Contentment is not found in God improving our circumstances, but rather in God changing our hearts, making us realize: 

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil.4.19)


Permanent Staff - good bye

Ute and Heinz Spindler

Dear friends of Tauernhof,
as long as we are not in heaven, in our eternal home, we are in transit. For us, one stop was the Tauernhof. We were lucky enough to grow close to new friends and siblings in Christ as well as to experience another part of Gods kingdom. Of course we also enjoyed the wonderful mountains.
On April 20th we moved back to Germany and now live in the beautiful “fränkische Schweiz” in Oberfranken. We are working for a company and will also take on more services in the Balkan.
We are grateful for the past 2 ½ years and wish all the guests and employees Gods rich blessing. 

Pfiat enk, Heinz und Ute Spindler

Your love for Jesus and His people truly impacted life at Tauernhof. Additionally to varied tasks – such as sermon service, group leaders, the bistro, house and kitchen responsibilities – you enriched our Tauernhof family as house parents and mentors. We are grateful that your new task leaves enough room for you to return and support us with a few camps. We wish you strength, wisdom and joy while bringing God’s love in Jesus to the broken hearted. It was so wonderful with you – Thank you very much!

Angela, Mya and Tony Schenk

For the last two years we, as the family Schenk, had the priviledge to enjoy living and serving at the Tauernhof. Because of COVID and several personal reasons we decided to end our work at the Tauernhof and move back to the US.

We thank everyone in advance for supporting us in prayer, while we want to stay obedient in what comes next. 


…”DONE” was always your answer dear Tony, when we needed your help in all things IT, sound, computer and marketing related. Our camps were always improved and upgraded through your passion for worship, your language talent and your snowboard lessons. And the two women at your side spoiled us with their love for baking and their skills in the kitchen. We miss you as a family and wish all the best and God’s blessing for your new responsibilities!

Tabea Reichle

I am leaving Tauernhof with many lovely memories and thank God and the Tauernhof-team for the wonderful four years that I was able to contribute as the Bible School Registrar. This time really shaped me and let me grow in my faith and many other areas. I am now looking forward to my new field of action as a wife and mother in Kärnten, following my wedding middle of August. – Tabea R.


Dear Tabea, we thank you for the last few years where you not only were a great and also practical help in your function as Bible School Registrar, ski instructor, group leader for the summer programs. What we will truly miss is your endearing and encouraging way, the shared prayers and your “Swabian” Freshness. We wish you and your family God’s blessing and joy in life with Him and with each other for your upcoming marriage adventure.

Dinos Charalampous

Dear Dinos, it was our pleasure to stand side by side in ministry with you for the past 7 years. You were our Universal Soldier as a ski instructor, group leader, and so much more and we are happy to be able to remain friends and neighbors. Your helpfulness not only in your service at the Tauernhof but also when private help was needed, led us to be amazed over and over again and we are sure that you will be able to use your gifts in your new environment. Your love for Jesus comes from His love for you. This love will give you everything you need to be a blessing there too – Thank you very much!

Permanent Staff - welcome

Damaris Wetz

Having grown up in the beautiful North Hessian Ederbergland, I lived in Frankfurt for the last few years. I came to Tauernhof for the first time in 2003 during a ski holiday and have been in Schladming regularly since then – sometimes as a participant and often as a ski instructor in the winter season. Every time it was a wonderful experience. Due to the corona situation suddenly a lot at work changed and once again the desire for change in my life grew in me. During this time the head of Tauernhof presented a job opening for a permanent position in the office to me. If not now, when?! There was no longer any hesitation. Now I enjoy the direct contact with the guests and Bible students. I am allowed to be part of a great team here and allow God to use my gifts.

Tabea Kuck
My name is Tabea and I moved to Schladming from the beautiful Heidelberg in May of 2021. In autumn of 2020 I completed further training in the Hotel Management sector. After hearing about the job opening through a friend, I am now looking forward to the professional change, the community as well as the wonderful surrounding nature.

Oliver Wroe
Hello Friends, I´m Olly.
I am a brit who likes the mountains, mustaches and the annoying David Heinz. Tauernhof fascinates me because it combines God, people and nature in a holistic way. But I also really love all the wonderful people here. I`m looking foreward to be a part of the familiy.
Hopefully we´ll see each other soon,


We are grateful…
  • For what God has done in the past Spring Bible School and the Upward Bound Program
  • For our new employees and volunteers
  • For a nearly fully booked house in the summer season
 We ask…
  • For the employees who are leaving us, for God’s blessing and guidance
  • That our summer programs can all take place
  • That the international students can enter the country for the Fall Bible School
  • For wisdom in all organizing and planning for the management as well as the employees
  • For power and healing for Lothar during chemotherapy, as the cancer has flared up again


Registrations for our Bible School and Upward Bound possible at any time -
it would be nice to have you with me!
Winter Camps 2021
Bibleschool & Upward Bound 2021/22


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