March 2022

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Practicing the basics in any given field has never been one of my favorite activities - whether it involves practicing scales when playing the saxophone or working on better technique on ski slopes. I much prefer to leave nice and deep tracks in deep powdery snow or a long and curvy trail down the freshly prepared slopes and would always choose to play a new and groovy jazz piece rather than going back to those scales. These things are just inherently more fun than practicing the basics - until, well, until the moment when inaccuracies and shortcomings come to light, because of something unexpected we were not prepared for! Practicing basic techniques is essential - even in faith.

Paul advises young Timothy, who finds himself in a difficult situation, "... train yourself to be godly!" (1 Tim. 4:7). We can only apply what we have trained ourselves. Spiritual exercises are not about scoring points with God, but about implementing spiritual behavior patterns. The Bible tells us about some patterns of behavior that reflect God's character: "... love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control...." (Gal. 5:22-23). Sure, the Bible also tells us that the Spirit of God enables these things in us. However, God does not just hammer patience or self-control into us. He rather gives us opportunities in which we can practice love, joy, patience, etc. When we keep going back to the basics with faith in Jesus and practice those underlying techniques, we will experience progress. When doing so, we will not be caught off guard or be overwhelmed in difficult or unexpected situations but will be ready and able to master the challenges ahead. It would be great to greet you here again soon to practice those basics!
Armin Hartmann


June 4 – 11, 2022
If you love the Alps and cannot get enough of mountain passes, this is the right place for you! In our Dachstein Tauern region, many alpine roads are waiting to be “experienced”. The Sölk Pass, the Nockalm Road, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, as well as the lake circuit around the Dachstein make the heart of a motorcyclist beat faster. We will be on the road in small groups with local guides and enjoy the breathtaking mountains and lakes during cozy breaks. In addition to touring this wonderful landscape, we want to take some time out of every evening together with Martin Buchsteiner, the director of the Tauernhof, to be challenged anew by God's Word.

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We look back on the past autumn semester with great gratitude. In fact, it seems to us that the young people were very happy to leave behind everyday life, and especially the problems of the pandemic. Living together with a lot of people in a confined space for 12 weeks, to grow especially in faith, has unfortunately not been that possible in recent years. By now most of the students have returned to their homes. We sincerely hope that with the power of God they will be able to master the challenges of everyday life, step by step, together with our Lord Jesus.

However, now it is time for us here at the Tauernhof to look ahead: We are busy preparing for the coming spring semester. The guest speakers are booked, the Bible School team is ready, and the weekly timetables are taking shape. There are many things we want to keep from previous semesters, but there are also things we want to change and optimize.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." (Psalm 127:1); we are aware of this. As builders in the kingdom of God, we want to actively listen to the architect and let him guide us so that the coming students can experience and meet God here. Since we still have free rooms available, we would greatly appreciate if you prayed with us for plenty of additional registrations and if you encouraged young people to attend Spring Bible School at Tauernhof.
David Hines


Call for tenders to design the landscape / garden at Tauernhof

We are looking for landscape architects who combine their creativity and our wishes for the renewal of our outdoor area. Put your ideas on paper and send us your plan. You can request more detailed information and the required landscape plans by email. If your plan is implemented when redesigning our courtyard, you will receive a retreat of your choice as a gift. We look forward to receiving numerous suggestions.


We are grateful for...
  • the blessed well-booked winter retreats and for all those who have been here this winter and those who are yet to come
  • the dependence on Jesus that we have experienced as freedom and help in this difficult time
  • everyone in our team, whether full-time employee or volunteer
  • all the prayers and the prospect of more lenient measures
We ask for...
  • further protection and guidance during the winter retreats
  • many international students who come to Spring Bible School
  • wisdom for management and employees in planning
  • healing for Lothar, who is in radiotherapy


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