Welcome to Bible School

Each year we offer two English speaking Bible Schools: In Fall (12 weeks) and in Spring (8 weeks).
These intensive courses are intended to encourage the growth of Christians so that they may be equipped for effective Christian living and service. A four month (Upward Bound and Fall Bible School) or six month (Spring Bible School, Upward Bound and Fall Bible School) course is possible when you combine the different programs.

Our students come from various countries and denominations, which creates a valuable multicultural learning environment. This international interdenominational environment provides the opportunity for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the worldwide body of Christ. Tauernhof provides a personal setting in which to study, form great friendships, learn together, take responsibility, and above all to grow deeper in your relationship to Jesus Christ.


Apply Online

If you want to apply to Tauernhof as well as to other European Bible Schools, then submit your application to Tauernhof and send an email with details of the other Bible Schools you wish to attend to: registrar@tauernhofaustria.at

Apply by Post

If you would prefer to fill in a Paper Application, you will need the following documents:

Note that the registration fee is € 35,– for a Paper Application, but € 25,– if you apply online.

Please send the completed paper application AND paper reference forms to Tauernhof:

Tauernhof Austria
Coburgstraße 50
8970 Schladming

Dates & Prices

Prices exclude travel costs, but include the deposit.
The courses start at 6:00 pm with an evening meal on the arrival day, and end at 9:30 am on the departure day.

Check-In is from 10:00 am.

Spring School 201928 April – 22 June€ 2.430,00Places available
Upward Bound 2019June 30 – August 03€ 1.996,00Waiting List
Fall School 2019September 15 – December 07
€ 3.389,00
Places available
Spring School 202026 April – 20 June€ 2.430,00Places available
Upward Bound 2020June 28 – August 01€ 1.996,00Places available
Fall School 2020September 20 – December 12€ 3.389,00Places available