You are 18 years or older and…

– want to use your gifts and skills

– want to orientate yourself in terms of career choice

– motivated to invest in your faith in Jesus Christ

– want to experience the beautiful mountains of the Dachstein and Tauern region

Then you are welcome to join our team at the Tauernhof!

You want to do a 9-12 month internship at Tauernhof? Then register through CoWorkers – here you get: Pre- and post-internship seminars, support with “Kindergeld”, as well as a recognized certificate of your internship time.

Possible seasons for volunteering are as follows – the longer the better

Winter Camps:

Mid December – Mid April

House, Kitchen, Maintenance, Ski-Instructor

Spring Bible School:

Mid April – Mid June

House, Kitchen, Maintenance, RA

Summer Camps:

Mid June – Mid September

House, Kitchen, Maintenance, Summer-Instructor

Fall Bible School:

Mid September – Mid December

House, Kitchen, Maintenance, RA


The instructors for the summer programs serve from the end of June until mid September.


The instructors for the summer programs serve from the end of June until mid September. They get one week of training, led by the Tauernhof staff. Following this training, they serve at the English speaking Upward Bound program (5 weeks), followed by our various German speaking summer camps.

As an instructor, you will lead a small group (approx. 8 people). You take responsibilities, you help, encourage and lead your group in various activities, you lead the sharing times (de-briefs) and you will also share some devotions and possibly preach once or twice.

You have to be at least 24 years of age, and be fluent in English. Knowledge of the German language is not required, though it is of course a help.


Student Mentors serve our students during the Spring and/or Fall Bible School (8 weeks from April to June and/or 12 weeks from September to December).


As a Student Mentor, you interact with the students, organize various activities (sports, hikes, social nights, trips, etc.) and you accompany the students through the course.

You should be at least 23-24 years of age and be able to communicate well in English.

Knowledge of the German language is not required but can be an advantage.

Having attended another Torchbearer Bible School as a student is very helpful, but not essentially required.


Our Winter Instructors need to be here for the whole winter season, starting with one week of instruction right after our Fall Bible School (usually mid December).


Our Instructors accompany our guests every morning from 10:00 to 12:15. However, they also help in other areas and have different responsibilities, such as cleaning the dining rooms, setting tables, shovelling snow and working in the ‘Bistro’ where we sell coffee and drinks.

You need to be at least 23 years old.


As Kitchen Staff you will assist our chef in preparing the meals.


Your main tasks include:

– Organization & menu planning for up to 100 people

– Supporting the kitchen team with various tasks

– Preparing meals

– Preparing dining rooms (setting tables) and washing up afterwards

– Further tasks: planning purchases, teamwork, cutting techniques, …


As House Staff you will assist our housekeeper.


Your main tasks include:

– Cleaning guest/student rooms and public areas.

– Preparing dining rooms for meals in collaboration with the kitchen team

– Learning effective cleaning techniques

– Organizing work routines

– Lead cleaning days

– And other insights into housekeeping tasks: Ordering, organizing, scheduling


You assist our maintenance man…


Your main tasks include:

– Maintenance and repair work around Tauernhof

– Seasonal tasks: mowing the lawn // shoveling snow

– Maintaining and caring for our Tauernhof cars

– And further: support in the sound engineering team, driving services, …

Regardless of the assigned area, it is desired for volunteers to help out in other areas (e.g. preparation of the dining room, bistro, …). This also includes preparing a small devotion (10 minutes) 2-3x per season.

What we offer:

– Free board & lodging

– 100€ pocket money per month

– Being part of the international Tauernhof team, living in community, building relationships, getting to know a different culture and possibly picking up on some German

– Team excursions with other volunteers

– Opportunities to explore God’s beautiful creation in the mountains

– Guidance throughout the year: Bible Study, devotions, possibility to participate in bible studies with guests, spiritual growth in body, soul, spirit…