“Our mission is to proclaim the transforming presence of Jesus Christ, through biblical teaching and practical training, equipping men and women for service in His Church worldwide.”

• We accept the whole Bible as the inspired revelation of God to man.

• We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is God, in equality with the Father, and that by Him the Father created all things.

• We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ became Man through the miraculous operations of the Holy Spirit, and that He was without sin.

• We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, died willingly in the place of sinners, to become the Redeemer of this fallen world, and the only Mediator through Whose atoning blood, and by faith in Whom alone, we receive forgiveness of sins.

• We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ rose again from the dead, appeared to His disciples, and returned to the Father; that on the day of

• Pentecost He came in the Person of His Holy Spirit to dwell within the hearts of all who had received Him, and thereby established His church, the body of Christ on earth, a fellowship of all true believers, of which He is the Head.

• We believe in God the Holy Spirit, co-equal member of the Trinity, and that He is present in the hearts of all who through faith have received the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, and who are thereby born again, the children of God, who is the Father of them that believe.

• We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back again in person to this earth and that by Him God will judge the world.